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Embrace your authority

You are a woman who stands strong in her authority.

Your strength has grown from years of experience and exposure, from rigorous investigation and courageous dedication. And now it’s time to write the book about it.

We women have been told our voices don’t matter in so many ways, large and small. As your coach, and in solidarity, I’m here to tell you that your voice does matter. It matters now more than ever. 

Your book will change someone’s life.

Read that again: Your book will change someone’s life.

I’m here to help.

What do you need to write your authority?


When you need to transform your book idea from concept to reality, we’ll implement exercises and strategies to strengthen your skills, focus, and writing. Start with just five weeks, and you’ll find the foundation and confidence you’ve been looking for.


When you need to set achievable goals and take action steps to get there, we’ll keep you on track. Your priorities stay front-and-center so you can be sure you’re taking the right steps in the right order to get your book where it needs to be. 


When your book feels ready, and you don’t know what to do next, or how to write forward, we’ll dig deep and plan strong, working through proposals, pitches, and marketing plans. Your book will change someone’s life; you’ll be prepared.


When you need a safe space for you and your writing, this is the place for you. You can set aside your fears and critical inner monologues. I’ll be there at every step to remind you why and how much your words matter. 

Coach. Editor. Partner. Believer.

It’s past time for more incredible women to write their authority onto the page. I help amazing, confident women like you write their best books.

I’m Caroline, a certified book coach, developmental editor, and historian. I started The Write Malloy with the simple, but bold idea that more great women should be writing more great nonfiction. I want more great woman-authored nonfiction on my shelves, and in my conversations, and in our daily lives.

If you are that kind of woman – if you have the experience, the passion, the research, the story to share with the world – I’m your coach.

What writers are saying

“Caroline has this
maddening way of asking
questions more than she
answers! It turns out that it’s far more helpful to the process, of course. Really, she has exceeded
every expectation I’ve had “



“I didn’t know what a book coach did or if I needed one, but after working with Caroline I realize how valuable and essential coaching is in a book writing process. I couldn’t do this without her!”


“I really wish I’d found Caroline sooner, it would have saved me a ton of time! She’s been critical to my process and progress. I deeply appreciate her flexibility and encouragement, and can’t imagine doing a book without her!”


historian & ENtrepreneur

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