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Support at every step, from getting your great idea onto the page,
to holding your incredible book in your hands.

You are the Authority

the world needs your book

Your strength has grown from years of experience and exposure, from rigorous investigation and courageous dedication.

You know that it’s time for your book. You’re ready. You’re just not sure what the next steps are.

I do.

As women, we have been told our voices don’t matter in so many ways, large and small. As your coach, I’m here to tell you that your voice does matter. It matters now more than ever.

Your book will change someone’s life.

Read that again: Your book will change someone’s life.


Strategy. Accountability. safety.

There are many challenges to writing you book, but it usually comes down to a few core hurdles.

You can trust that I have the strategies to keep you motivated, the goal-setting plans to keep you accountable, and the knowledge and calm to keep you safe as you write.

belief when you need it most

Coach. Editor. Partner.

It’s past time for more incredible women to write their stories. 

I’m Caroline, a certified book coach, developmental editor, and historian. I help amazing, confident women like you write their best books. I started The Write Malloy with the simple, but bold idea that more great women should be writing more great nonfiction. 

I support women writing all forms of nonfiction, including general nonfiction, academic nonfiction, and memoir. I want more great woman-authored nonfiction on my shelves, and in my conversations, and in our daily lives.

If you are that woman – if you have the experience, the passion, the knowledge, the story to share with the world – I’m your coach.


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I see the path forward.

The best way to value my experience with Caroline is to say that I want to produce my book – my education manifesto – with more of her help. Not because I don’t think I can do it without her – but because I do not want to do it without her. I believe that she listens, that she sees me and hears my voice and I want that coaching, that sensitive and edgy push by my side each step of the way.

Liz W.
General Nonfiction (in progress)

Book Coaching

Planning. writing. Book Proposals

When you don’t know the next steps for your book, start here.

  • Find out how you can get your book out of your head and onto your page in just five weeks.
  • Learn about monthly support and accountability options.
  • Discover how you can fearlessly tackle your book proposal and pitch your dream agents and presses with confidence.

Developmental Editing

What to do with your manuscript

When you need to know where to go with your revision, start with a developmental editor who can take the birds-eye view of your story, hold onto your goals, and offer clear, direct insight into the highlights and challenges.

If you’re ready to take the next steps for your manuscript, start here.

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You stay in the creative driving seat.

Caroline’s passion for and knowledge of storytelling is infectious and inspiring. She provides a structure to the writing process that allows you to stay in the creative driving seat while meeting your goals and moving your project along. She asks annoyingly hard questions that you might not be brave enough to pose on your own but she does so as an enthusiastic tour guide who makes it fun and stresses that there are no wrong answers.

Avi F.
MEMOIR-turned-Prescriptive Nonfiction
(in progress)

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Find the service that’s right for you and your book. 

Don’t put off writing or finishing it any longer. We need your book in the world.



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I’m here to support you with resources, advice, insight, and plans. I want you to write that book no matter what!

Whatever you need to make it happen, let me know.