It's time to write your story.

You are The Authority. Put it on the page.

I’m the Coach that can help.


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Embrace your authority

You are a woman who knows her Authority.

You have a passion, a dedication, a deep knowledge that drives you. Whether it’s grown from years of professional scholarship or a lifetime of enthusiasm and personal dedication, this Authority is yours to own, and yours to share.

We women have been told our voices don’t matter in so many ways, large and small. As your coach, and in solidarity, I’m here to tell you that your voice does matter. It matters now more than ever.

You know that it’s time to write the book on it, and stamp your Authority on the page. 

I’m here to help.

Coach. Editor. Partner. Believer.

I help Women who are The Authority write their best book.

I’m a certified book coach, developmental editor, historian, and recovering academic. I believe that it’s past time for more women to write their Authority onto the page. 

I believe in powerful, woman-authored nonfiction – the kind that YOU are writing.

If you are that Authority author, if you have the scholarship, the research, the life experiences to share with the world, I’m your Coach.


🤝 We’ll map out a clear path to embrace your Authority throughout your book.

I’ll coach you through exercises and strategies to strengthen your skills, your focus, and your writing.

🤝 We’ll set achievable goals for your book and implement the strategies action steps to get there.

I’ll keep your priorities front-and-center and make sure you are doing the right steps in the right order to get you where you want your book to be.

🤝 We’ll carve out a safe space for you and your writing.

I’ll be there at every step to remind you that your Authority needs a space on the page. Your words matter. Never forget that. 

What writers are saying

Caroline is responsive, respectful, and knowledgeable, and she helped me organize my thoughts and find my purpose so that my words could sing!


Scientist & Climate Authority

“I didn’t know what a book coach did or if I needed one, but after working with Caroline I realize how valuable and essential coaching is in a book writing process. I couldn’t do this without her!”


Authority of Her Incredible Story
“I contacted Caroline for help compiling my pitch. She was patient, helpful & informed, guiding me & pushing me to ‘stress test’ the idea & really push myself to my limits! It was a challenging experience but worth the effort.”


Business Authority Extraordinaire

It’s time.

Embrace your authority and write.

Reach out today to get started. I believe in you.

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