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Your story matters.

Welcome to The Write Malloy

Hi, I’m Caroline, a Chicago-based Book Coach and world-traveling Historian.

You – I just know it – are a writer with an incredible story to tell. Your story matters. And I want to help make sure you tell it. I am so excited to work with you!

Whether your goal is to publish an award-winning narrative with a traditional publisher or self-publish your family history for the next generation, I’m here with the skills and motivation to help you get there.

  • I work with passionate writers who find that, in retirement, they finally have the time to tell their story;
  • I work with travelers whose experiences have changed their lives, and maybe will change someone else’s;
  • I work with recovering academics looking to share their words with the world beyond the Academy;
  • I work with dreamers who are ready to embrace their creative selves and take that first, great step.

It doesn’t matter how you find yourself as a writer;

trust me to be the coach to help you be your best. 

As a Historian, I use everyday accounts of the past like notes, postcards, and souvenirs to understand what was important in peoples’ lives decades or centuries ago.

As a Book Coach, I work with writers of History, Memoir, and Historical Fiction to hone their voices, polish their narratives, and find their confidence as authors. I want to ensure your story is there for the next generation to read.

  • That book that has been begging you to write it?
  • Your family history that needs to be told?
  • That historical moment that calls to you?
  • That place you’ve traveled that changed your life?

You CAN write it! And I’m here to help.

After decades of teaching high school and university students, I love working with authors who know that this is the moment of their life. Whether you just have an idea for a book or have published before, I am here to help you strengthen your prose, hone your style, and achieve great things!

Think of me as your motivational coach and your favorite high school teacher all rolled into one. And like any awesome coach, I am SO EXCITED to help you succeed!

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