Caroline Malloy, Ph.D.

Book Coach
& Historian

Your story matters.

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You are a writer with an incredible story to tell.

Are you a passionate writer who knows it is finally time to tell your story?

Are you ready to embrace your Creative self, to lean into your truth, and to write your book?

Whether you just have an idea or you have a whole manuscript draft, don’t put it aside or save it for later. It’s time to let your story change someone’s life. That’s what books do. That’s what your book will do. This is your moment.

Let’s find your finish line and get you there

I started The Write Malloy to help writers of Narrative Nonfiction and Memoir tell their amazing stories. I believe in your story, whether you are bravely writing the transformative tale of your lived experiences, or you are generously sharing your fascinating knowledge. I want to read it, and I know there’s a world of readers out there just waiting for you.

As a Historian, myself, I love working with writers who know that this is your moment. You are ready to embrace your narrative and your authority and bring it to life on the page.

Let me be your motivational coach, your personal trainer, and favorite teacher all rolled into one. Wherever you are in your writing, you can trust me to help you take your book across the finish line.

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What writers are saying

Caroline is responsive, respectful, and knowledgeable, and she helped me organize my thoughts and find my purpose so that my words could sing!… Without inserting herself or her opinions into the process, she helped me find mine. Like magic, after we worked through exercises to figure it all out, places where I had been getting stuck melted away. Places where I had been having fun with the writing took flight. Everything about the book became clearer, which then led to better (and more!) words flowing to the page… I would recommend Caroline without hesitation, especially for friends/colleagues who are in her areas of specialty: history or academic-to-trade!

Barb Mayes Boustead

Nonfiction author

Caroline is a forthright and honest editor and coach with keen observational skills and compassionate sensitivity to the writer’s soul. My memoir manuscript was a mess of too many words and an unclear storyline when I met her. I knew it would flourish under her book coaching guidance and discerning eye. We started with a process of foundation-building exercises that helped me uncover the story I want to tell. Since then, we’ve moved onto weekly pages as I write and revise another draft of my book. A writer seeking guidance for their book will find her a welcome and supportive partner in the creative process. I can’t recommend her services enough.

Leslie H. Cole

Memoir author

Caroline is a detail-oriented, story-focused Book Coach. She helped me refine my pitch and flesh out my synopsis. She made what can be a tedious process fun with her gentle feedback and good humor. Caroline’s background in History and careful editorial eye would be of huge help to any writing project.

Julie Artz

Young Adult author

Caroline gave me insightful feedback to help me understand the point of my story and to better identify my ideal reader, inspiring me to dig deeper into my manuscript. She is confident of her recommendations yet open to discussion, great at managing her time, and helping me to do the same.  She also coached me through multiple versions of my synopsis and query, pushing me to sharpen the focus, refine the language, and clarify my voice—to make it the best it can be. After discussing my hopes and concerns, Caroline gave me a great start on a list of agents I’m excited to submit to. I’m grateful for her help and plan to work with her again on my next memoir. That’s the best recommendation I can give.

Deborah Lucas

Memoir author

Working with Caroline on my pitch materials was a joy. She displayed every quality a good book coach should have in their toolkit: encouragement, enthusiasm, valuable feedback, and most importantly, extensive knowledge. Caroline’s creative suggestions gave me the confidence to see the larger picture. She offered actionable steps and gave me a clear ladder of progression. Caroline is an amazing guide to help you through the creation process. If you want the best, you can stop right here. You have found the ultimate coach for your writing.

Mark Krepps

Fantasy author

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