Sometimes people know exactly what they want, but life has other plans… That’s me.

I always had this dream of being a globe-trotting, swashbuckling Professor, an Indiana Jones with a little less dirt and fewer nazis! But that academic dream never worked out quite right. 

Instead, as life does, it leads you to new and unexpected opportunities.

Words are easy for me, from talking to crowds to writing websites. Turns out all those years in school taught me most how to translate what other people want to say (that’s you) into words that really make a difference (that’s your amazing business).

I love giving voice to your passions.

These days, I work with incredible small businesses and entrepreneurs to build their websites, pitch their ideas, engage their clients, and brush up their blogs. From PR to copywriting to editing and more, if you need the right words, I’m the right person for you!  

(caught in the first blizzard in Monte Carlo in over 40 years!)

I love to write; I love to talk; I love to travel.

If I’m not in Chicago walking my lazy mastiff, dining on incredible food with my husband, or teaching killer classes at Power Sculpt Fitnessyou’ll find me onboard Viking Cruise ships around the world giving talks on fun and fascinating historical topics. From Ancient Romans to UNESCO politics, I love that I get to travel the world and talk about the history that brings us all together.

You can’t beat a life that lets you do all those things people usually have to retire to do!

Sometimes it all works out just right!