Caroline Malloy, Ph.D.

Dynamic Coach

I have a tendency to be loud, curious, and very enthusiastic about other peoples’ successes.

I’ve been a high school teacher who (bravely) loved adventuring with my kids to Europe. I’ve been a university professor who ran my students on scavenger hunts around the Art Institute of Chicago.

I’m a cycle instructor who will shout and make you sweat, and still smile the whole time.

So when friends started asking me to review their manuscripts, I discovered I was just as enthusiastic and dynamic and active about that, too.

As an editor and coach, I ask questions, I laugh, I’m loud and boisterous, and then I ask more questions. I’m excited and curious about you and your story. I’m going to cheer you to the finish line and we’re going to have a great time, even when it feels hard. That’s my promise to you.

Caroline Malloy, Ph.D. headshot in blue

Accidental Historian

History was my least favorite subject in high school. Somewhere along the way, things changed (as they tend to do) and I went on to pursue my Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

As a Historian, I have taught high school, university, and lifelong learners. I have developed writing-intensive college seminars and foundational grammar courses. Through it all, my passion has been in helping my students write better and build self-confidence both as writers and history-tellers. 

These days, I channel my Historian skills in the best “job” ever as a Resident Historian with Viking Ocean Cruises. There is simply nothing more wonderful than sailing around the world and sharing incredible adventures with crew and guests I am honored to call dear friends!

Caroline Mallot Ph.D. historian in front of Norway waterfall

At Home

Originally from Philly, my husband and I fell in love with Chicago twelve years ago and never left. In between, we have road-tripped across most of the US and Canada, driven Route 66, and camped and hiked in dozens of National Parks. My work with Viking has taken us to new favorite places, like Norway, Cuba, and the Orkney Islands, but nothing beats coming home to enjoy our city and chill on the front porch with our two mutts, Boo and Emma.

From amazing restaurants and incredible theatre, to classic baseball and iconic architecture, Chicago really is My Kind of Town! As Susan Werner, my favorite singer-songwriter, says, “Give me Chicago any day!”

Caroline and Steve kayaking in Chicago 2019