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Support. Accountability. Success

It’s Time

For writers in the thick of writing, bringing on a coach who can hold you accountable, support you on the hard days, and motivate you to succeed can make all the difference.

Accountability Check-INS

“With the right kind of coaching and determination, you can accomplish anything.” -Reese Witherspoon

You set your schedule; I’ll help you keep it, and help you write your best work while you do.

Schedule one call, or schedule out an entire draft. It’s up to you.

Every Accountability Check-In includes:

  • In-line comments on up to 5000 words.
  • A 45-min call to discuss feedback and set next steps
  • Follow up email with summary of notes and plans

Discover how much more confidently your words find the page when you combine your determination with dynamic accountability and motivation.

Cost: $250

Custom At-Home Retreat

What would you do for the chance to really write?

I love a good writing retreat (hello, Athens 2023), but we can’t travel all the time to gift ourselves the time to write.

When you are ready to commit to making serious progress in your book or book proposal, let’s bring the retreat to you

Customize daily support for wherever you are in your book or proposal. You choose the days, we set the goals, and together we make sure you get there. Choose up to 5 consecutive days.

Your Custom Retreat includes:

  • 30-minute kickoff and planning call
  • Live, on-demand support as you write via Slack from 9am to 4pm 
  • 30-minute lunch call to review and reset
  • In-line comments and feedback on all work accomplished during the day
  • 30-minute review and wrap-up call

Cost: $500/day


I had tried a few techniques before to no avail.

Before working with Caroline, I had too many ideas and trouble decluttering my thoughts. The laser-focused work with her pushed me to go deeper on:
why this book.

Colleagues ask how I was able to fit in working with Caroline on my book. My response is a combination of the structure Caroline gave me and my passion and flow for the subject. The experience is 100% worth the time.


Jenn C.

Prescriptive Nonfiction (In Progress)