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The Great Idea: The story

You have a great idea, that story that you’ve been wanting to write, but don’t know how to start. This is where you begin! We’ll work together to dig into the why of your idea to help you see what you really mean to write. We’ll navigate the depths of plot, genre, character (yes, even nonfiction has characters), and more. Let me help you build a guide to support your great idea to the finish line.

The Great Idea: The Proposal

As a nonfiction writer, your proposal is what makes your Great Idea come to life. As you may have already discovered, this is way bigger than a simple cover letter. Let’s work together to build a bold, confident dossier that wows! From deep competitive research to carefully crafted sample chapters, we’ll gather the best version of your book and give you the confidence you need to send it out into the world.

The chosen Path

You’ve started writing but have hesitated or stalled. Or maybe you’ve made it to the end, but feel like something got missed along the way. Where do you go next? How do you get out of this corner you’ve written into? What is the next step for you or for your book? We’ll work together to dig deep, rediscover the forest in those trees, and help you find the deeper connections that move you and your story forward!

The Entire Journey

Taking this journey together means that you have my support, guidance, accountability for the entire manuscript. Whether you want to work from page 1, or want to start revising from page 1, my Book Coaching Journey service includes big and small editorial advice, support calls, line-edits, and more. In short, everything you need to be confident in your words, in your skills, and in your complete book.

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