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Great Women Write!

The 2024 Cohort

An uplifting group of women nonfiction writers coming together to set and meet your goals for your book in 2024.

January 8 to April 5, 2024

Join this 12-week, goals-oriented group,
a special co-writing, supportive space to work on your book
in a community of game-changing women nonfiction writers.

Start the off right and let 2024 be the year for your book!

You’ve been putting off progress
for too long.

Life gets in the way, I get it.
Or maybe you’ve thought “I’m not ready.”

The time for excuses is over. I believe in you and I am confident that in 12 weeks, you can get past that block, break through that imposter syndrome, push your limits and exceed your own expectations.

Call me selfish, but I want more great nonfiction written by more great women like you to come into the world in 2024. This is how we do it together.

You are not alone. Join us.

Making time to write is hard.

Trusting yourself in the process can be even harder.

Those great insights, authority, and experiences you need to write about require support, care, and commitment to bring them to life on the page.

Over 12 weeks (with one week off from March 18-22), you’ll be a part of a small, exclusive group of women working on equally powerful nonfiction. Surrounded by kindred spirits, you’ll find time, space, and joy in writing your book.



BiWeekly Co-Writing Sessions

Let’s block time on your calendar to write. Join bi-weekly zoom calls where your writing is the priority. You are not alone.


BiMonthly Q&A calls

Twice a month, join the group to ask questions, get live feedback, and embrace the power of community support.


1:1 Coaching

Each month, you’ll meet with me directly to share challenges, evaluate your wins, and write forward with confidence.


Industry Workshops

Every month, join a workshop led by one of my industry colleagues on editing, publishing, and marketing.


Accountability Partners

You won’t just have the group, you can also sign up for a 1:1 partner for extra motivation and encouragment.


Open communication

We’ll share a Slack channel for support, solidarity, and knowledge that someone is always there for you.


cost: $1800


Set the Time.
Crush your Goals.

In 12 weeks, you’ll be able to set and hit specific goals.

You might choose to write and revise a couple of chapters, or work on your book proposal. You might work on a chapter and an op-ed for your platform. The goals are up to you.

Our community will provide the motivation, accountability, and support as you achieve them!

What can you do in 12 weeks?

  • Write and revise a chapter, maybe two
  • Draft key sections of your book proposal
  • Revise a complete book draft
  • Research and pitch agents and/or publishers

She made me feel safer and more secure.

From paralyzed by an over-abundance of data, to a streamlined and manageable framework; from ‘anything goes’ to meeting the target date on a calendar; from teetering on the ledge with imposter syndrome, to back indoors, progressing towards another completed chapter… Caroline has been critical to my process and progress. I deeply appreciate her flexibility and encouragement, and can’t imagine doing my book without her!


Tiffany B.

Historical Nonfiction (in progress)

It’s time to commit to your book

Over 12 weeks, you’ll benefit from:

* weekly co-writing sessions *

* bi-monthly Q&As and hot-seat calls *

* monthly workshops *

* 1:1 coaching calls *

* group chat & accountability via Slack *

This is what you need to make 2024 the Year of Your Book!
Don’t wait any longer.

COST: $1800


What are the dates of the cohort?

The cohort kicks off on Monday January 8, 2024 and continues through Friday April 5, 2024.

There will be 1 week with no specific programming from March 18 – 22  (although you will still have the group chat on Slack and your accountability partner). 

Do I have to attend all scheduled sessions?

No. You can use as much or as little of the schedule as works for you.

This cohort is designed to be flexible with your life. Cowriting sessions will be at two different times each week to try to fit everyone’s schedule, and 1:1 sessions are scheduled monthly at your convenience.

Do I need to be writing a particular genre?

While we all love a good novel, this cohort is for nonfiction and memoir writers so that we can focus on specific challenges in the nonfiction space.

Can I pay on a Payment schedule?

You can choose to pay the cohort fee in advance or enroll in monthly auto-pay. Whatever works for you.

Great Women Write! The 2024 Cohort

This is the only time I’m running this cohort all year.

Grab a spot now to make your book something amazing this year.
Meet amazing other writers just like you, and join a community that will welcome your story, your expertise, and your joy. 


The 2024 Great Women Write Cohort