Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Book Coach?

A Book Coach is your Personal Guide to finding the best version of the book inside of you right now. I am here to help you hone your skills as a writer, to show you some tips and tricks to tap into your potential, to guide you through exercises that strengthen your form, and to leave you confident and proud at the end of our time together.

A Book Coach works with you and for you to champion you as a writer and your book as the most important thing that needs to be written right now. Whether you are starting with only your great idea or your complete manuscript, as your Book Coach, I will work with you to know yourself better as writer, to know your story better, and to better share both with your audience.

Why Do I Need a Book Coach?

No one needs a Book Coach. No one needs any sort of coach. We are all full of potential and we tap into it with a range of success over our lifetimes.

But if no one needs a Coach, why does it seem like they are everywhere? Sports coaches, life coaches, business coaches, academic coaches, the list goes on… Because coaches help people grow and become better at what they do. A Book Coach will help you be a better, more confident writer by introducing new habits, ideas, and strategies that build on your strengths and improve your outcomes. It’s that simple. 

As your Coach, I will challenge you to go deeper, to be bolder, and to trust yourself more as a writer. I will bring the tough love when you need it, and shoulder to lean on on the hard days.  

Why Should I Choose you as my Book Coach?

I became a Book Coach after two decades of “coaching” in the classroom and in the studio. I bring years of experience helping students become better writers and better historians, in both high school and university settings. My classroom strategies are hands-on and empathetic. My goal as a teacher/coach has always been to watch my students go on to do amazing things and become incredible people.

On the other hand, I’ve been bringing the tough love and loud motivation to my fitness clients for nearly a decade. They will all tell you the same thing: even if I am yelling to go harder or rise to the bigger challenge, I’m always smiling. I never cease to be thrilled to see my clients get stronger and giving it their all.

As a Book Coach, I blend my classroom finesse with my studio drive, and my goal is the same. I promise you that I will always be on your side, cheering you on, pushing you to be your best. When you need to practice the soft skills, I’ll be there for you with ideas and plans and exercises. When you need the tough love, you can count on me to push you to see the impressive writer I always know you to be.

Will a Book Coach Get Me Published?

No. YOU will get you published… along with your agent and/or your publisher (if you are self-publishing or hybrid). A Book Coach can not guarantee that end result; I can’t promise you fame and fortune. As your Book Coach, what I can offer are skills and guidance to make you confident as you aim for that end result. You are the one who crosses the finish line. I simply stand back and watch proudly. That’s what coaches (and teachers) do: we share what we can and then watch you take it and make something amazing. What amazing looks like is up to you.

Think of it like a sports coach. Take Jay Wright, for example, Men’s Basketball Coach at Villanova University (go Cats!). He has coached for over two decades at Villanova and, amazingly, coached two teams to National Championships. But that means he coached 18 teams who were not the national champions. He has coached players who have gone on to star in the NBA; he has coached players who have never played a professional game of basketball since they left college. He can not guarantee any of the players the outcome, nor does Villanova expect him to. He instead promises to show his kids new skills, to foster their sportsmanship, to train them to be better players and better people. That is his strength and his success. Because in the end, he doesn’t take The Shot, the players do.

A Book Coach is much the same. I will be there to cheer to on, to push you when you want to give up, to help you practice new, hard skills that make you a better writer. But in the end, you have to bring your magic, too, and it is that magic that gets you published. I believe in you!

What Kinds of Writers Work with Book Coaches?

All writers benefit from working with a Book Coach. Whether you are just beginning to embrace your inner writer or you have published or self-published a dozen books in the past, you will find that support and guidance from a Coach will take you to new levels and help you hone new strengths.

Anytime you want to improve your skills in any aspect of your life, turning to a coach brings benefits. Beloved Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg famously relied on her personal trainer, Bryant Johnson, for both her physical and mental strength, for example, while renowned surgeon Atul Gawande sought out a former teacher to coach him to improve in the operating room. A writer can discover new skills, can unpack deeper narratives, or hone sharper wit, among so many other improvements.

Where do you see yourself going next as a writer? Your Book Coach will offer you guidance and support to get there.

More Questions?

What else do you you want to know? Whether you have a general question about book coaching or a specific question about your work, let’s get started!

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