Pre-Writing Services

You have a great idea

it’s time to make it a book

The big question is “how to.”
And I have the strategy to help you find the answers.

Proposal First,
Book Second

Your ideas need organization, structure, and security before your can begin to make them the game-changing book they will become.

Over five weeks, my “Proposal First, Book Second” strategy is designed to get your foundations set and your confidence high. Drawing from the concepts needed in a traditional nonfiction book proposal, we’ll get to the heart of your story so you can write the best version of it from Page One. 

Five Weeks to build your foundations

get to know the book you’re writing


Week 1: Your Why

To uncover the core reasons you are ready to write this book, we start with the three big “Why”s:
Why you? Why this book? Why now?


Week 2: Your Reader

Once you know what brings you to the page, it’s time to uncover who needs this books most in their life. Think of it like the external to Week 1’s internal.


Week 3: SHape & Structure

After we set the internal and external motivations, we finally get to what goes in the book, from title to chapter structure.


Week 4: Causality

Everything happens for a reason. Week 4 builds on our Week 3 work to make sure everything happens for the right reasons and in the right order.


Week 5: marketing & writing forward

Our final week is devoted to the actual process of being a writer, developing a plan both to write your book and to exist in the world as the writer you are. 


I was blown away by all we accomplished.

Working with Caroline was an amazing experience. Her approach is solid, she doesn’t push you in one direction over another, rather, she asks questions so you figure out what direction YOU want to go in. Every activity had a very specific purpose and helped me hone my focus. She is an absolute professional and I would recommend her to anyone working on a nonfiction book, no matter what stage you are in with your book.


Julie Donofrio

Award-winning co-author of The Curist (2020)
Prescriptive Nonfiction (in progress)

Your idea becomes a book

This Foundational Strategy is a close-touch, 1:1 coaching experience where you’ll spend 5 intensive weeks working to understand what brings you to the page, whose lives you will change with your story, what your book will look like, and how to get it out there in the world. You will be confident owning your authority on the page, and you’ll have me on your side as you bring your book to life.

Your “Proposal First, Book Second” plan includes:

  • A 45-minute strategy & planning call
  • Weekly challenges and questions
  • In-text feedback on your responses
  • Three (3) 30-min 1:1 coaching sessions to discuss progress and set goals
  • Feedback on your first chapter, including in-line comments and a 60-minute review call
    OR $500 off the Book Proposal 3-month Intensive
  • Private Slack channel for quick communication

Expect detailed feedback, adaptive strategy, and close communication throughout the process.

Cost: $1250