Pre-Book Proposal
Sessions: Summer Camp Edition

Send your book to Summer Camp!

This Summer, gain clarity, control, and confidence in your book with your 5-Week Pre-Book Proposal plan, designed to help you understand your book and to own your Authority on the page.

We’ll draw from the key components of the nonfiction proposal so that you’ll be ready from page one to write confidently towards that inevitable and wonderful final page.

Expect challenges, exercises, cheering, and Summer Camp swag, of course.

Whether you are just starting to write, or have a draft already, we’ll dig into what makes your Authority strong on the page before you try to write or revise your manuscript, or send it off to an agent or publisher.

Prepare today for tomorrow’s success and have fun while you’re doing it! 

5 weeks

Over 5 weeks, you’ll work through weekly challenges designed to help you channel your Authority into the shape of a powerful and necessary book. We’ll have a 45-min intro call plus four 30-min weekly check-in calls.

identifying your Authority

Each week we’ll explore a new theme: Author Authority, Reader & Protagonist, Context & Structure, Causality, and Marketing.

Expect detailed feedback, adaptive strategy, and close communication via email and Slack.

$1000 investment

Writers who complete the Pre-Proposal work receive $150 credit towards future writing and proposal coaching packages.