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Have you ever wished you had more support and strategies on those days when your writing feels stuck?

Have you been reading stacks of books on writing, but struggled to translate those ideas into action?

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“Writing feels so lonely sometimes. I wish I had someone cheering me on”?

I’m Caroline, a Historian and Book Coach, here to help you write your best book. I believe in you. I see the amazing author that you are.

Are you looking for plans, strategies, and enthusiasm to motivate you to your finish line? I can help.

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Step 1: What do you write?


Narrative nonfiction writing requires a careful balance of research, writing, and authority. Readers need to know this story that only you can tell.

I have the systems and the experience to help you take your authority to the next level.

Let’s work together on your Nonfiction manuscript!


You may not always have felt like the hero in your own life, but you always get to be the hero in your own story.

Your story is extraordinary. You are ready for the challenge of turning it into a great book.

Let’s work together on your memoir!

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When you are brainstorming your great idea, working on your draft, or digging into your proposal, start here.

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See what other writers are saying…

 “This was the first time that I had shared my manuscript with anyone else, and Caroline was very good at assuaging my concerns and being positive and supportive about the effort so far.”

Martin H.
Memoir Writer

Caroline’s ability to adapt to whatever I threw at her made me feel safer and more secure.”

Tiffany B.
Nonfiction Writer / Founder, Historic Indianapolis

“Caroline has this maddening way of asking questions more than she answers… It turns out that it’s far more helpful to the process, of course. She has exceeded every expectation I’ve had.”

Barb B.
Nonfiction Writer / Meteorologist

About Me

Book Coach, Historian, World Traveler

I work with writers like you who have a goal of finishing an incredible book. I have been a professional Historian for over a decade, writing, researching, and speaking around the world. But I get the most enjoyment adapting my professional toolkit to support the boundless creativity of Nonfiction and Memoir writers.

I believe all Creative and Narrative Nonfiction writers are adding something important to the arc of History and I am so excited to help you do it.

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