Monthly coaching services

Choose the option that best aligns with the current state of your project.

Pre-Book Proposal
Strategy Coaching

You know you’re The Authority, but you might not be 100% sure of how that works on the pages of your book.

My 5-Week Pre-Book Proposal plan is designed to help you understand your book and to own your Authority on the page. It draws from the key components of the nonfiction proposal (yes, you’ll have to write one eventually) so that you’ll be ready from page one to write confidently towards that inevitable and wonderful final page.

Expect weekly exercises and writing challenges designed to strengthen your chapters and improve your book overall.

We’ll dig into what makes your Authority strong on the page before you try to write or revise your manuscript, or send it off to an agent or publisher.

Prepare today for tomorrow’s success.

5 weeks

Over 5 weeks, you’ll work through weekly challenges designed to help you channel your Authority into the shape of a powerful and necessary book. We’ll have a 45-min intro call plus four 30-min weekly check-in calls.

identifying your Authority

We’ll start with the 30,000ft view, before diving into the details to find out what will make this the best book for you, and the best book for your Reader.

Expect detailed feedback, adaptive strategy, and close communication via email and Slack.

$1000 investment

Writers who complete the Pre-Proposal work receive $100 credit towards future writing and proposal coaching packages.

Manuscript Coaching

There’s a famous Reese Witherspoon quote I absolutely love:
“With the right kind of coaching and determination, you can accomplish anything.”

Writers, like any committed professional, benefit from long-term, adaptive strategy, motivation, and support. You are the Authority. You are determined to write your necessary and powerful book.

Commit to at least 3 months of coaching as you write, and discover how much more confidently your words find the page when you combine your determination with the accountability and dynamic support I’ll provide as your coach.

Monthly support for is for any stage of your manuscript, whether it’s your first draft, your 15th. We’ll set the right targets for your success together.

a minimum of 3 months

It takes at least 3 months to fully benefit from working together. Many writers choose 6- or 12-month commitments to ensure both their book and proposal get finished right.

Getting your Authority on the page

Every month, we’ll have 2 writing deadlines and 2 30-min calls to check in. We’ll work up to 20 pages at a time and set a writing and revising schedule that meets your needs.

Expect detailed feedback, adaptive strategy, and close communication via email and Slack.

$2200 investment

Receive $400-off commitment to 6-months or longer (i.e. your 6-month commitment is $4000)

Proposal Coaching

If your goal for your fabulous nonfiction Authority book is a university press, traditional publisher, or even a small press, you are going to need a proposal.

While every press and agent expects something different, the bones of every proposal are the same, and together we’ll make sure your proposal showcases the importance of your story as well as your Authority to write it.

Beyond the on-the-page support of draft coaching, bringing on a coach as you write your proposal means that you’ll have help finding your book’s place in the market, and honing your voice in pitch letters to editors and agents. 

Your book deserves its best chance in the world. It starts here.

3 months

We’ll focus on the main components of the proposal, from summary to bio to comp titles. We’ll also draft at least one pitch letter.

Pitching your Authority

We’ll set weekly and bi-weekly deadlines for each proposal component, as well as 2 30-min calls each month. Our goal is to draft a complete proposal that you can adapt as needed as you pitch your book.

Expect detailed feedback, adaptive strategy, and close communication via email and Slack.

$2500 investment

Subsequent monthly support at a discounted rate of $700/month

What you can accomplish in 3 months

* Write and revise 2+ chapters, or
* Establish a healthy writing habit, or
* Revise a big section of your book (up to 150 pages), or
* Draft a complete book proposal

What you can accomplish in 6 months

* An entire first draft, or
* Serious and solid revisions to your entire manuscript, or
* A complete and polished book proposal, with a great, confident query letter. 

Give yourself the gift of Accountability