Monthly Support

For writers at all stages of their book

6 Weeks to the Heart of your Story

Whether you are just starting with a great idea, have a complete draft, or are somewere in between, this 6-week intensive planning package will help you write forward with confidence. Dig deep to discover what your book needs to do to be amazing.

Monthly Support for Drafts, Revisions, & Proposals

Monthly coaching will give you the motivation, support, and focus you need to move your book forward confidently. Whether you are working on a manuscript draft or a proposal, this plan provides the accountability you need to succeed.

What you could accomplish in 3 months

* Write and revise 2+ chapters, or
* Establish a healthy writing habit, or
* Revise a big section of your book (up to 100 pages), or
* Draft a complete book proposal

What you could accomplish in 6 months

* An entire first draft, or
* Serious and solid revisions to your entire manuscript, or
* A complete and polished book proposal, with a great, confident query letter. 

Give yourself the gift of Accountability

Whether you are a planner or a pantser, take the weight off your shoulders to know how to do everything and keep your story moving forward.
I’m here to keep you and your book on track. Let me know what you need. I’m here for you.