Proposal coaching services

When you need the business plan for your book, it should be perfect.

write YOUR Proposal

When your goal for your fabulous nonfiction book is a traditional publisher, small press, or university press, you need a proposal.

Together we’ll make work on all key components, investigate the market, and plan for success so that sure your proposal showcases the importance of your story as well as your Authority to write it. We trade weekly pages, hold bi-monthly calls, and share full-time accessibility.

Your book deserves its best chance in the world.

Start here.

A Minimum of 3 months

It takes at least 3 months to work out all proposal components, including your query letter.


Strength & Accountability

Our goal is to draft a complete proposal that you can adapt as needed as you pitch your book.


Ongoing support at a discounted rate of $850/month.

developmental editing: Proposals

Proposals need to do so much and be so adaptable.

What one press wants is never the same as the next one, so the stronger your foundation, the better your ability to adapt and reach your goals.

If you have a complete proposal draft and want feedback on its highlights and challenges, and plans for next steps, I’m here for you.

3 weeks

Rush rate available


Feedback & Planning

Expect a full edit letter, in-line comments on all pages (excluding sample chapters) and a 60-min strategy call.


Writers who choose coaching after a dev. edit receive $100 credit towards any coaching service.

What you can accomplish in 3 months

* Write and revise 2+ chapters, or
* Establish a healthy writing habit, or
* Revise a big section of your book (up to 150 pages), or
* Draft a complete book proposal

What you can accomplish in 6 months

* An entire first draft, or
* Serious and solid revisions to your entire manuscript, or
* A complete and polished book proposal, with a great, confident query letter.