One of the most requested pages I write for my clients is the About page. There is so much pressure to craft the perfect words that say who you are, but in a way that connects powerfully to your potential client or customer or reader. You are bringing yourself to the table, aligning yourself with your product, and hoping people like you!

It’s Sally Field in a million clicks a day!

What most people get stuck on, however, is that a powerful About Page is like a performance. You are the star of a one-night-only show, and the spotlights have just come up. In that moment, you might trust yourself to improv, or you might turn to a copywriter like me, who will listen to your story, learn your audience, and write you a beautiful, memorable, clickable speech.

If you choose to go it on your own, here are a few tips to make your About Page the best ever.

We already know it’s About You

You shouldn’t actually call it an “About Me” or “About Us” or “About Caroline” page. The average internet viewer has found you already and just wants to know more. The second word is redundant.

Be direct. Simplify. This is good for your title, your url, and your reader, who has 8 seconds before they move on (yes, humans on the web have a shorter attention span than goldfish!). Keep it short and sweet.

Connect to your business

An About page connects you to your customer, so it is essential before you start to write that you know exactly what about you is the most a part of your business or blog. Yes, I know it is your passion project, your blood, sweat, and tears. It’s all you. But some part of you connects in the most personal way to your audience. Tap into that, relate to where your readers are in their lives, and you will have a powerful About statement.

For example, being a writer is not where I forge a bond with my clients, even though it is my actual product. Instead, my long, wayward road to being a writer is where I find I have the best connection. I have traveled widely, tried many jobs, and worked across many fields, and my clients tend to have taken the long road as well. We have a kinship that leads to trust and success.

Get personal

Unless you have a formal customer base, people want to know a little bit about the non-work you. Just don’t get carried away. No one wants to read every restaurant recommendation you have and every favorite vacation spot you love. Save those for the blog. And no one really cares about names, either. But “inquiring minds want to know” what you are like when you are not hard at work.

Pick a few key details that sum up your day-to-day and give it a sentence or two. How many kids or pets do you have? Do you love where you live? What’s your favorite book, hobby, travel destination? Ironically, this is your very brief moment to talk about yourself on your About page.

Remember, from your Landing page to your Blog to your About, the customer always comes first. Read every sentence (or have someone read it for you) with your client in mind, not you, the writer. Let your business shine through you, not About You.

If you need any other tips or suggestions, just ask. If you have any other ideas, leave a comment below or tweet me @thewritemalloy