CHoose your genre

I work with writers who have one thing in common:
a love of something true about the human experience. 


You are a writer with a powerful story to tell. Something that changed your life has universal resonance, from a small gesture to a grand adventure. You just feel it! You are ready to turn your story into one that will inspire us all.


You are a writer who specialized in something unique and important. It is a story that must be told and you are the perfect person to tell it. Nonfiction is as much about storytelling as your favorite novel. It’s time for you to share that amazing story!

As a “recovering academic,” I am also particularly attuned to the special challenges faced by writers who straddle the academic and “real” worlds. Are you dreaming of writing beyond the Academy? You can!

Historical Fiction

You have a passion for the past and see stories unfold there in new and wonderful ways. As a Historian by training, I love working with like-minded Creative writers. Let’s dive into that world and share your exciting vision.

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