CHoose your genre

I work with writers who have one thing in common: a love of
something true about the human experience. Whether you are writing a memoir, historical
fiction, or are finding your passion in a narrative nonfiction book, click below for the services available.


I work with writers whose story has meaning beyond themselves. Something that changed your life has universal resonance, from a small act to a big adventure. I can help you turn your story into one we all will be inspired by.


I help writers who have discovered something amazing and know that they are the right person to tell it. I particularly support writers who straddle the academic and “real” worlds. Are you an academic trying to write for a trade audience? Let me help.

historical fiction

As a Historian by training, I help writers who are compelled to tell a new story of a particular moment or location in the Past. You see the tale unfold there. I can help you ground your world and share your new vision.