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What does your book need?

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When you are bringing your book to life, there are key moments along the way where you’ll encounter hurdles, challenges, and need some guidance.


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you have an idea

How do you take a great idea for a book and make it into something you can write and that people will love?

I have a strategy and a system to help you do just that.

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you Need A Proposal

If you plan to pitch your book to agents or publishers, you need a book proposal and a plan before you write.

Together we can build that proposal and set you the path for success.

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You’re Ready to write

Writing is a long, lonely road. Life can get in the way, or you get in your head about whether you’re doing it right.

I’m the coach to help you write to the finish line.

HELLO, I’M Caroline

Coach. Editor. Partner

There is nothing I love more than helping great women like you bring great nonfiction books to life.

I work with writers of presecriptive and general nonfiction, academic nonfiction, and memoir. I’ve even helped co-writers on a proposal for their YA biography (The Real Rosalind: The Brilliance of Rosalind Franklin, Lerner, 2025). 

Your story is unique and powerful and important. Write it.

And when you need a woman in your corner who is as passionate about your book and your authority as an author as you are, I’m your coach. 

How a book coach can help

Your story matters



I’ve got plans and idea for when you encounter tricky pages, hard chapters, and intimidating steps on the journey to publication.



Alone, it’s easy to lose time and fall short of your goals. Together, we can make sure you exceed your expectations.



There will be days when you doubt your ability to be the amazing writer you are. I’m here to make sure you keep the faith.



Your book is going to change people’s lives. I believe in you and your story. I can’t wait to have a copy of it on my shelf.


thank you for being my wing woman

Caroline gets you unstuck when it comes to writing, and I literally wrote the book on getting Unstuck. She makes a process that typically makes people say “Oh that’s not for me, ” or “One day,” into “Holy shit, I can do this.”

Her interest in and commitment to YOU both as a person and as a writer is palpable, and her skill and expertise in both the craft of writing and business of publishing is unmatched.

Lia Garvin
Unstuck (Media Lab Books, 2022)
The Unstoppable Team (2024)

Blue book cover with text The Unstoppable Team

You have an idea

A plan for your book.

The #1 question I hear from aspiring writers is that you don’t know how to take your great idea out of your head and turn it into an amazing book.

  • Is my idea good enough?
  • How do I decide if it works as a book?
  • Will anyone want to read it?

Over 5 weeks, we can answer these questions and build your confidence in your story. You are already more of a writer than you know.


Take 5 weeks to uncover the foundation for your amazing book.

while you write

Support. Structure. Motivation.

Writing doesn’t have to be lonely or overwhelming. 

Working with a coach while you draft your story means you have an ally, a trusted advisor, an on-site editor, and a writing professional in your corner at all times.

  • Get structure to keep you accountable to your goals.
  • Trust me to keep an eye on the 30,000ft view of your story while you’re deep in the pages.
  • When you doubt your voice or your authority, know I’ve got your back. 


Don’t lose track of your goals or faith in yourself. You’ve got this.

The business of your book

publish with confidence


You’re ready to publish

your publishing path.

Let’s unravel the mysteries of publishing your book.

Together, we’ll decide if a book proposal is right for your goals, and work to write the best one for your dream agent or publisher.

Manuscript finished? Let’s review it to make sure it shines. 

Whatever you need to bring your book to life and get it into the hands of your excitied readers, that’s what we can do.


I am a writer!

Working with Caroline has been truly invaluable. I’ve gained a better understanding of myself; I have more confidence in my ability to draft a first book outline; I have feel like I can actually start producing a book – something I really didn’t see myself doing at the start. This experience really has transformed my outlook on the writing process.

Natasha D.
Family Nonfiction (in progress)