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I work with writers who have one thing in common:
a love of something true about the human experience. 


Are you ready to turn your story into one that will inspire us all?

You are a writer with a powerful story to tell.

Somewhere, or someone, or something you never expected changed your life. You know that it has universal resonance, whether it was a life-changing small gesture to your grand adventure.

You know that what you have been through matters, and you know that sharing it with readers matters, too.

Let me help you take your story from personal experience to powerful narrative. It is so challenging to hone the words to your truth in a way that matters to those who didn’t have those experiences along with you. As your coach, I am here to help you find the story within the experience, and to remind you that as a memoirist, you are bravely transforming your story into something bigger than yourself. It is not easy. It should not be easy. But I will be there with you every step of the way.

And once your memoir is done, I can help you with the big, next steps. Most memoirs these days are pitched with a solid proposal, so make sure are ready and prepared to give those agents or hybrid publishers the very best memoir package you can!

I believe in you and your story.


Are you a writer with a unique and important story to tell?

Nonfiction is as much about storytelling as your favorite novel. And you have a story that must be told. You are the authority, a specialist. You know the obscure details, you speak the technical language, and you have all the data. It’s time for you to share that amazing story and embrace your inner creative voice to write your story the way it needs to be told.

As your coach, I am here to help you transform facts and figures into a narrative that compels your reader to keep turning the pages. A Historian and “recovering” academic, myself, I am uniquely prepared to support specialists like you who have a story to share with the big, enthusiastic audience you know needs to read it.

I am particularly attuned to the special challenges faced by writers who straddle the “professional” and “real” worlds. Are you dreaming of writing beyond your network? You can!

And as you are beginning to turn ideas into chapters, I am here to help you draft a fabulous proposal so that you can be confident that what you put in the hands of those agents is the best version of your story.

I want to read it. I am here to help you write it. 

Choose Monthly or A la carte Services


  • Month-to-month services for writing and revising your manuscript
  • Brainstorming, planning, plotting, and drafting your book
  • Suitable for writing your manuscript or your proposal or both
  • Start with a roadmap plan or a manuscript edit, then,
  • Choose from 3 or 6 months of continuous, renewable support
  • Weekly feedback, communication, and bi-weekly calls

A la carte

Some moments in your writing journey need quick, direct support:

  • 1:1 intensive strategy and planning calls
  • Developmental edits on your manuscript
  • Proposal reviews
  • Pitching support for your query letter or synopsis or both

Choose exactly what you need, when you need it.

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