What Words Do You Need?


Web Copy & Content Writing

  • Do you have a website that needs an update?
  • Are your pages lackluster?
  • Do you have a new product or business that is ready to launch?

Let’s collaborate to make sure that the words on your web pages channel your unique voice and target your unique audience. I will help you update one page or write a brand new site from scratch. We’ll talk about keywords and some light SEO-friendly strategy. When your clients find you online, they will love what they see.


Copyediting & Proofreading

  • Are you a confident writer and already have something great written?
  • Do you also know that with a little polish and an extra review, your words will be perfect?

During my long academic career, sometimes I felt that editing and editing and then more editing was all I would ever do. Now, I bring that skill to my clients and it is so much more fun to channel your creativity and passion! I am here to bring my professional editing bona fides to you to perfect your copy and make your words sing!


Press Releases & Email Campaigns

  • Your new product is about to launch!
  • Your new season is starting and you want to be prepared!
  • How can you let everyone know?

Work with me to hone that excitement and enthusiasm into great marketing text that gets your clients ready for your new event, product, or moment. From company anniversaries to new product lines, you need great writing to engage your audience and make them love you even more.


Public Words & Speeches

  • Have you been asked to share your story?
  • Are you giving a speech at that next industry conference?
  • Have you won an award and need to find the right words?

I started my career in public speaking. I am here to help you turn your ideas into engaging words that make a difference. When people need to hear from you, we can collaborate to give them the perfect answers and inspire your audience to be as successful as you!