“Caroline’s advice has shown me a path to follow. I would recommend her because she was professional and did an in-depth job. I appreciate the time she spent and that she responded quickly. I also appreciate that she is still willing to respond to to me as new issues come during my revision process.”


Scholarly Nonfiction author

“Sharing your book with someone for the first time is scary, but Caroline made the process painless. I would encourage any writer that wants an honest assessment of their story to work with Caroline. I enjoyed this process much more than I expected to.”


Memoir author

“Caroline’s review is always worth the wait. I am so inspired and motivated by her observations and comments. Working with her feels like a tectonic shift. She is a forthright and honest editor and coach, with keen observational skills and compassionate sensitivity to the writer’s soul. I can’t recommend her services enough.


Memoir author

“Caroline’s energy, enthusiasm, and genuine caring about getting the best end result were motivating and validating. Her always-thoughtful, incisive questions created a wonderful framework for someone like me with no previous experience in this area. Her ability to adapt to whatever I threw at her made me feel safer and more secure.”


Nonfiction author

Caroline is responsive, respectful, and knowledgeable, and she helped me organize my thoughts and find my purpose so that my words could sing!

Without inserting herself or her opinions into the process, she helped me find mine. Like magic, after we worked through exercises to figure it all out, places where I had been getting stuck melted away. Places where I had been having fun with the writing took flight. Everything about the book became clearer, which then led to better (and more!) words flowing to the page.

I would recommend Caroline without hesitation!


Scholarly & Nonfiction Author

I didn’t know what a book coach did or if I needed one, but after working with Caroline I realize how valuable and essential coaching is in a book writing process.

I didn’t see myself as a writer, but Caroline encouraged and worked with me to find my voice and purpose in the process. She helped me refine and map out my target audience, purpose and message, I feel much more confident the end product will be its best. Now I enjoy and celebrate my amazing project!

Caroline was genuinely interested and excited about my project. I always looked forward to her comments and feedback, in person and on paper. Her feedback kept me motivated and moving forward toward an improved next draft.

I remember when I was uncomfortable spending so much money on myself and my book. Caroline are well worth every dollar I spent! I couldn’t do this without her!


Memoir Author

Caroline is the real deal. She spent so much time and was beyond patient and helpful. I can’t say enough! Our chapter pages for our nonfiction proposal and outline have gone from blah to exciting! 

Caroline was not only laser focused as an editor, but extremely helpful when it came to weeding out through-lines and content. Ahhhmazing. She helped me overcome my robotic writing and put more feel and atmosphere into my story. Her patience in redirecting me when I went off topic was amazing. She gently helped me and the pages are much better because of her guidance.

She went above and beyond, especially with scheduling. Life happens for everyone and her flexibility and generosity will always stay with me.


YA & Nonfiction Author

We were uncertain about how to write a non-fiction biography. How many direct quotes to include. Where to start. What to focus on. How to bring our central figures voice to the page.

Caroline gave our manuscript the most detailed notes, and gave us the confidence to move forward in a new genre. Now we have pages for our proposal that we can be proud of, knowing that we’ve focused on the right ideas and included the right details.


YA & Nonfiction author

Caroline is a detail-oriented, story-focused Book Coach. She helped me refine my pitch and flesh out my synopsis. She made what can be a tedious process fun with her gentle feedback and good humor.

Caroline’s background in History and careful editorial eye would be of huge help to any writing project.


YA author

Caroline gave me insightful feedback to help me understand the point of my story and to better identify my ideal reader, inspiring me to dig deeper into my manuscript. She is confident of her recommendations, yet open to discussion, great at managing her time, and helping me to do the same.

I’m grateful for her help and plan to work with her again on my next memoir. That’s the best recommendation I can give.


Memoir author