Happy writers make me happy

From entrepreneurs to academics, from passionate hobbyists to c-suite execs, I’ve been honored to work with amazing writers at all stages of their books. My shelf of great women nonfiction writers grows every year, and some of them have kindly shared their thoughts on our work together.


Caroline is the Real deal.

She spent so much time and was beyond patient and helpful. I can’t say enough! Our chapter pages for our proposal and outline have gone from blah to exciting! 

Caroline was not only laser-focused as an editor, but extremely helpful when it came to weeding out through-lines and content. Ahhhmazing. She helped me overcome my robotic writing and put more feel and atmosphere into my story. Her patience in redirecting me when I went off topic was amazing. She gently helped me and the pages are much better because of her guidance.



Award-winning YA & CHildren’s Author
The Real Rosalind: The Brilliance of Rosalind Franklin (Lerner, 2025)

“I contacted Caroline for help with my first book pitch to a publishing company. Caroline was patient, helpful and informed, guiding me through the steps and pushing me to fill the gaps in my pitch. Also to ‘stress test’ the idea and really push myself to my limits! It was a challenging experience but worth the effort. My pitch just got accepted by my dream publisher. Hurrah.”

Kate Toon

Six Figures in School Hours (Major Street Press, 2023)

“Caroline’s review is always worth the wait. I am so inspired and motivated by her observations and comments. Working with her feels like a tectonic shift. She is a forthright and honest editor and coach, with keen observational skills and compassionate sensitivity to the writer’s soul. I can’t recommend her services enough.

Leslie C.

Memoir (In Progress)


I went from having a dream with no rudder to a very clear strategy.

I have always known I have a book inside of me. Until now it remained elusive and just a pipe dream. I needed a safe place to explore what was going to be a messy and emotional process for me. Someone who I could trust to guide me, to shape the vessel that could hold my story. From the first interaction, I could tell Caroline was that person.

 Putting in the time gave me a ton of confidence in the need for the story and that I am the right one to write it. For anyone like me who has even the tiniest seed of an idea or ambition, this process and Caroline’s gentle forward moving guidance will turn it into a bountiful harvest.


Courtney A.

Know You First: A Love Story (in progress)

“Caroline’s advice has shown me a path to follow. I would recommend her because she was professional and did an in-depth job. I appreciate the time she spent and that she responded quickly. I also appreciate that she is still willing to respond to to me as new issues come during my revision process.”

Amy Mittelman

Dishes, Dames, and Degrees (Levellers Press, Fall 2024)

“At the start, I did not see myself as a writer, but Caroline encouraged and worked with me to find my voice and purpose in the process. She was genuinely interested and excited about my project. I always looked forward to her comments and feedback, in person and on paper. Her feedback kept me motivated and moving forward.”

Alice L.

Memoir (In Progress)


She made me feel safer and more secure.

From paralyzed by an over-abundance of data, to a streamlined and manageable framework; from ‘anything goes’ to meeting the target date on a calendar; from teetering on the ledge with imposter syndrome, to back indoors, progressing towards another completed chapter… Caroline has been critical to my process and progress. I deeply appreciate her flexibility and encouragement, and can’t imagine doing my book without her!


Tiffany B.

Historical Nonfiction (in progress)

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